Kingdom Heart III: Final Battle Trailer Thoughts- Opinion

HOLY FREAKING SH**! Are you ready for this? Are you excited? The Kingdom Hearts III: Final Battle Trailer is freaking beautiful, man. Epic. It gave me chills! I’m so ready for this series to end. I’ve been an avid Kingdom Hearts fan since the release of the original game back in ye old 1999. Damn dude, has it been that long? I’m an old man, now, with a wife and kids, still waiting for the end to happen. But who cares, I’d wait till I was 80-years-old and still would not give a fug! I love this series.

I’M INTERESTED TO SEE WHERE it goes from here. While this is the end of the Xehonort Arc, I believe they still plan to make games based in the Kingdom Hearts world. What will the new characters be like? Will they stick with Disney or branch out even further into other franchises? What worlds and characters would you like to see?

I’M PRETTY CONTENT with the new story they wove into Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X, so I’m not worried about the future of the series. Only if I’ll be alive to see them all unfold XD If anything, I’m glad to finally see how Kingdom Hearts concludes. It’s been a long wait! My heart is ready.

What’s Exciting

I STARTED TO GET CHILLS when that beautiful piano for Face my Fears started playing. Such an awesome way to incorporate the song! Although, after the last trailer, I was wondering what happened to Don’t Think Twice? I thought that Don’t Think Twice was going to be the main theme for the series? Not that I’m complaining. While I do like Don’t Think Twice, I think I enjoy the more upbeat nature of Face My Fears a bit more.

WHO IS GOING TO SURVIVE? And who is going to die? Since this is supposed to be the end of the war, that started in Kingdom Hearts 1, I’m wondering how many of our beloved characters are going to vanish forever. Tetsuya Namura said to get ready because the end is going to be a tearjerker?

THAT FREAKING BATTLE SYSTEM looks fun as all heck! The fights have always been a favorite part of the series, for me, and I am happy to see how far it’s evolved. I’m ready to get nuts, son! I’m also really glad to see character companions are back, instead of those freaking Dream Eaters. Honestly, the Dream Eaters should have only been support, not a replacement for party members.

I AM MOST EXCITED to see what finally happens with AquaVentusTerra, and RoxasAqua and Roxas are my favorite characters in the entire series, and I’m hoping they find a way for them to return. I’m not a fan of Ventus, so I am totally onboard with Roxas taking over his body!

IT LOOKS LIKE THEY DON’T stand a chance against the twirling pillar of Heartless. I just started playing Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8- Final Chapter Prologue, where I believe this enemy first makes an appearance. When I fought them in Aqua’a story, I thought they were freaking cool! It’s crazy to think that SoraKairiRiku, and Lea are getting wiped out by just this enemy? What about a battle with the 13 darknesses?

DURING THE VERY LAST SCENE, when the figures in the horned masks stood in a circle above the white city, I had to pause it for a second and count XD Yes, there are 12. So as Xehonort is speaking, I guess that those 12 are his other vessels. Obviously, I know. Just voicing it out. l I’m so excited! Cool designs by the way, but I have always loved the designs in Kingdom Hearts. Except for the multicolored Dream Eaters in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. What the hell happened there?

What’s Not Exciting

I WILL ADMIT I AM NOT that hyped for the new Disney Worlds. Maybe Toy Story and Pirates of the Caribbean? Kind of. FrozenTangled, and Big Hero 6 are kind of meh to me. I mean, they’re cool and all, but I can think of a few more movies that would have been more interesting to explore. Like Wreck it RalphBraveMoanaThe IncrediblesCoco, or Sword in the Stone. But that’s just me.

I AM ALSO EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED by the lack of anything related to Final Fantasy. Some people have mentioned that the story is more focused on the new character, which is fine. Like I said, I love Aqua and RoxasXion is pretty cool too! I hope she comes back. BUT, Final Fantasy was integral to the first two games! Radiant Garden, their homeworld, is where Ansem the WiseKairi, and most of the members of Organization XIII came from! It’s where everything started.

And since Kingdom Hearts 2, the Final Fantasy characters have slowly begun to be fazed out of the series. I wrote a whole rant about this called “Kingdom Hearts: An Ode to Disney?” on GamelusterGo give it a read! Anywho, there are so many unexplored characters, so many unseen worlds, in the Final Fantasy franchise that I feel like they would have been better worlds than Frozen or Tangled, honestly. At the very least, turn Radiant Garden into a bustling metropolis of FF characters! If even in the background. Something?

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