Xion Fanart (Kingdom Hearts 3)- Daily Doodle

XION IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE characters in the series. She had a heartbreaking story in 358/2 Days, and I’ve always wanted to see her return in the games. Not just in flashbacks. In the Final Battle trailer, I’m speculating that the new Xehonort host is Xion? It has to be! So, I drew some Xion Fanart. Not really just for the occasion (this was suppose to be for Inktober) but simply because she’s freaking cool.

WHILE I’M TALKING ABOUT 358/2 Days, I have to say that the game was a disappointment. Mostly because I was originally excited to play as Organization XIII! I wanted to wreak havoc. Steal some hearts! Plot, annihilate, and further the realm of darkness. But you didn’t, like, at all? The game was mostly just here’s a quest, go do this, talk. Talk. Talk some more, then hang out with Axel and Xion.

I wanted to go nuts, but the game was just one long fetch quest. And for a bunch of villains, they kind of just stood around a lot, talked a freaking bunch, and weren’t all that evil. They were all really emotional, too. I guess it was supposed to give them depth, but it still felt kind of shallow. At least, to me. They’re Organization freaking XIII! We should have been darting through the worlds, creating Heartless by slaying the innocent, and plotting how to overthrow the light. You know, villainy things?

ONE THING I WISH THAT I didn’t do in this fanart, or I would change if I ever brought this into digital, were her lips. I’d adjust them, or just get rid of them. It makes her look kind of weird? Yeah? Not sure if it’s the shape or the angle of her face, but something about it looks off. Oh well.

OH, AND AM I ONLY ONE that pronounced her name as sigh-on? I mean, I still do, even though it isn’t the correct pronunciation. It’s actually she-own. But in the original handheld version of the game, there was no voice acting! So it wasn’t until I saw the remade movie, in the new HD remasters of Kingdom Hearts, that I finally heard how it sounds.  And I was like, “What the f***?”

HERE IS THE original sketch:

AND HERE IS THE finished, inked sketch of Xion:

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THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading! Keep that imagination kicking! Please take care, you all rock. Cheers!

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