New Years Resolutions for 2019- Life Rant

2018 HAS FINALLY ENDED. How did the year go, for you? How was your New Years? Now that we have begun a brand new year, I would like to dedicate more time to things that I am passionate about and less time on things that are negative or toxic.

LIFE IS SHORT. The end grows ever closer with each year, each day. This year is a good time to finish up some unfinished business. These are my Top #7 New Years Resolutions for 2019.

#7- Write Every day

WRITING EVERYDAY IS something that I sort of started in late 2018. I was blogging every day for a good week or so until I decided to move my work off Hand of Rel and onto Book Puppet. It may not have been the best choice, but I still feel like I needed to separate my personal writing content from the Hand of Rel website. But I digress…

IF ANYTHING, THIS WILL also serve as a time capsule of my thoughts and ideas. Something that I can look back on, and see where I was, how far I’ve gone, and how far I still need to go. Memories and all that. If anything, I’ll have that.

AS A WRITER, I want to write as much as I can.

#6- Remove the Negative

THERE ARE TOO MANY negative distractions in life and I want to get rid of as many as I  possibly can in 2019. There are some things that I can’t change, like social anxiety of d*** drivers, but things like toxic people, social media, outside influences, and daily irritations can be muted, minimized, or flat-out ignored.

I’M A VERY DEPRESSED, negative, socially awkward individual, so being positive doesn’t come easy for me. I’m my own worst enemy, in the fact that I see the bad in everything, I expect and worry about the worst possible outcome, and I often assume that things will not work out. But I’ve come to realize that I should only worry about something when it does happen, and I shouldn’t dwell on if it may, or may not, happen.

THIS ALSO INCLUDES diet, exercise, my mental state, and eating better. Over the years, I have slowly let myself go. I can admit that. I’m getting older, my body is slowly aging, and it may be too late to reverse some of the effects, but I would like to try. Feeling better about my body, my weight, and what I eat is something I’d like to dedicate a bit of time to, in 2019.

#5- Move Out

MY WIFE HAS FINALLY settled into her new job and we are making enough to afford a small townhouse or apartment. The ideal plan is to get at least a 3 bedroom place, so we can have our room, some privacy, and our three babies can have their own space to play. Most 3 bedroom places are a bit above our current budget, so we will also be fine with a 2 bedroom.

WE JUST WANT A SPACE of our own, where we can relax, raise our kids, and work on our projects. It’ll be a beautiful step towards peace of mind. We’re excited for it to finally become a reality!

#4- Focus on Hand of Rel

THIS GOES WITHOUT SAYING, and I mention it now and again, but I spend too much time focusing my time and my effort on things that don’t matter? To me. Like animation, vlogging, let’s plays, trying to become an art Instagramer, and all that. I mean, I like and enjoy those things, sure.

BUT WHEN I TAKE A STEP back and look at what I want to do? Those things are just white noise. Finishing Hand of Rel has always been my goal, my passion. And too many years have already gone by! I mean, I freaking published Lost Mirror back in 2013. Since then? I haven’t written or finished a single book. And that is maddening! 2019 is the year I change all of that.

#3- Read More

I USE TO READ all the time. As a writer, it’s kind of required, but I also love reading. I actually, and honestly, have never read the entire Harry Potter series, so I think I’ll start there. I’ve seen all the movies and I’ve read Order of the PhoenixDeathly Hallows, and Goblet of Fire. Um, in that order. Yeah. Sacrilege, I know! So I’d like to start from the beginning and just work my way through it.

I HAVE READ, OFF and on, though. I just haven’t read anything new in a long time. I find myself gravitating towards reading parts of A Wrinkle in Time and This Present Darkness whenever I gear up to write. It helps get the words flowing through my noggin, in preparation. But I need to visit the library, or buy a new book, because I am aching for a good read!

#2- Publish Stories to Wattpad

I HAVE A LOT OF STORIES under my belt, but I realize that those take time to becomes a reality. Writing, finding an agent, publishing, and all. So, as a way to tell the story, in the meantime, I want to publish some stories to WattpadI plan to focus on 3 main tales, each based in the Hand of Rel world.

I CAN’T REMEMBER the last drawing that I did and finished, that had anything to do with Hand of Rel? At the moment, I am working on cover and header designs for my stories on Wattpad.

WITH MY FOCUS ON HAND OF REL I would also like to shift my artwork to only include things that are Hand of Rel related. I’ll still do fanart and all that, but I want to start expanding the Hand of Rel universe with, I guess you can call it, official artwork. Which is something I haven’t done in a long time.

#1- Finish My First Book

THIS IS THE BIG ONE. I have a timeline of events that I want to write, for Hand of Rel. It’s been a long time between Lost Mirror and now: 2013-2019. Holy crap, where did the time go? Sigh, so yes, finishing the Hand of Rel is a life goal. I have the layout and I know the direction. I just need to stop with all the extra BS and just write. Finish.

Closing Thoughts

HERE IS TO 2019 being a productive year! I know these goals are attainable. They are within reach, and it feels so freaking good! But it goes without saying, that I would also like to be a better husband, an amazing father, and the best me I can be! Sappy and cliché, but it’s true. I want to make the most of the next few years because I don’t want to regret them when everything becomes a memory.

I’M TIRED, I’M WEARY, I feel beaten and defeated… but I’m not out. The past few years have been a struggle. I’m finding it harder and harder to find a reason to keep going. Worn by Tenth Avenue North comes to mind. I won’t let my negativity get the best of me, though. I love my wife, my kids, and I have the opportunity to live out my dreams. I have that chance. I have that time. I’m ready to make it all a reality. Are you with me? Let’s do this!

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