Hand of Rel Banner- Daily Doodle

THIS IS THE FIRST BANNER for the website! This is Rel Rel in her first transformation. I love how this turned out! I think it might be because I usually have the light source coming from the left or right, usually coming from the front. But I had a lot of fun with this banner because of the lightsource coming from the orb of light.  It’s just different than what I usually do!

HERE IS THE initial sketch:

AND HERE IS THE finished artwork:

IF YOU ENJOY my work, please feel free to support me with some Kofi! Any support is appreciated, but not necessary 😉 It helps support me as a creator, so anything helps 😀 If you choose to buy me a coffee, I thank you, YOU ROCK!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading! Keep that imagination kicking! Please take care, you all rock. Cheers!

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