Book because I love books, and puppet because I manipulate the written word and the pen like the strings of a marionette. I talk about geeky and nerdy things.  I write, draw, do reviews, play video games, sometimes animate.

Rel Rel is my mascot (my Mickey Mouse, my Mario!) that I use in pretty much every thing I do, here.  Hand of Rel is the banner for all of my creative work.  Rel Rel is the main character of a story that I’m currently writing called Hand of Rel. I brainstorm the Hand of Rel along with my wife, “Sheepy”.  She helps come up with ideas, character designs, and backgrounds. Hand of Rel is based on an older story that I wrote and characters that she created, that we fused together.

I’m just an introverted dude that likes to create stuff. I love to draw, write stories, play video games, read books, and watch TV/anime/movies.  I’m a big fan of Doctor Who and the Originals.  Keep that imagination kicking!

You can also find some of my work posted here: