Persona 5: Freaking Stylish- Review

HOW I GOT INTO IT THE PERSONA SERIES has been on my radar but it was always one of those games that I never felt the need to play. It wasn't until the summer of 2008 that it finally entered into my life. My wife and I were dating at the time, and she wanted … Continue reading Persona 5: Freaking Stylish- Review

Writing Journey #16- Why I Changed the Story?

THE ORIGINAL STORY SO WHEN I WAS 13, I wrote a story about a war, that I called The Kiajin Knights Saga (the header image is the Kiajin symbol). It was inspired by my favorite childhood cartoons, video games, books, and original characters that I created with my cousin. It was a 500 page novel … Continue reading Writing Journey #16- Why I Changed the Story?

Writing Journey #15- Months and Prefixes

SO IN THE MUSE REALM I wanted Muses to have their own calendar year.  Since I want them to be what inspires us (as muses should do) I created the Muse Calendar to run parallel to what we know.  Rel Rel's world is, however, a made up amalgamation of ours, or course. Instead of Earth, … Continue reading Writing Journey #15- Months and Prefixes