Moving My Blog Off-Site- Update

**edit 10/14/2019- I actually moved everything from Book Puppet back to Hand of Rel. So please disregard this post, and read these posts on my Personal Blog.** HAND OF REL.COM will now only be specific to my art and Hand of Rel related material. I am moving all of my rants, reviews, and other blogs … Continue reading Moving My Blog Off-Site- Update

Update- Lost Chapters

SO I RECENTLY STARTED writing the final chapters of the first Hand of Rel book. And as I have been writing, and trying to finish things, at last, I realize that I've written chapters and stories that will never be published (traditionally or self). Things that I've cut out or decided not to include in the final cuts … Continue reading Update- Lost Chapters

Writing Journey #17- Writing the Final Chapters

SO THE OTHER DAY I sat down to write. I've been sitting down, trying to write and finish my book, over the last few months. It was done, and I had written the last word on the early morning December 15th, 2017. That was the day that Sean died. AFTER THAT, I let a few others read the … Continue reading Writing Journey #17- Writing the Final Chapters

Update- All Part of the Plan

THE COMIC I HAVE A COMIC SERIES, Hand of Rel: Musings and Hand of Rel: Sinny, that haven't been updated in a while. While Sinny is concluded, I still have plans and scripts set up for Musings! Musings, for the uninitiated, is a comic that follows Rel Rel's conversations with various Muses. It gives me a chance to have fun with characters, … Continue reading Update- All Part of the Plan

Writing Journey #16- Why I Changed the Story?

THE ORIGINAL STORY SO WHEN I WAS 13, I wrote a story about a war, that I called The Kiajin Knights Saga (the header image is the Kiajin symbol). It was inspired by my favorite childhood cartoons, video games, books, and original characters that I created with my cousin. It was a 500-page novel that I self-published … Continue reading Writing Journey #16- Why I Changed the Story?