Update- Lost Chapters

SO I RECENTLY STARTED writing the final chapters of the first Hand of Rel book.  And as I have been writing, and trying to finish things at last, I realize that I've written chapters and stories that will never be published (traditionally or self). Things that I've cut out or decided not to include in … Continue reading Update- Lost Chapters

Update- All Part of the Plan

THE COMIC I HAVE A COMIC SERIES, Hand of Rel: Musings and Hand of Rel: Sinny,  that haven't been updated in a while. While Sinny is concluded, I still have plans and scripts set up for Musings! Musings, for the uninitiated, is a comic that follows Rel Rel's conversations with various Muses. It gives me a … Continue reading Update- All Part of the Plan

Update: What a Bee! Studios

IT'S BEEN AN INTERESTING few months. A very busy few months!  I'm happy with what I've accomplished, as far as artwork is concerned. Firstly, I finished up some work for the Channel Frederator Network! A short animation for the Generation 2 Pokemon Collab and an Inktober Collab. Please check them out!  Oh, and I don't … Continue reading Update: What a Bee! Studios