Lost Mirror Chapter 3- Jawroot

She had only been scavenging the floor for a moment when she heard the deep, piercing voice of her father. “Relene! Up, off the floor,” he said, brushing the grass from her chin. “Daydreaming again?” Father was an intimidating man with small, penetrating eyes. “Back in the house.” As soon as he was gone, Rel … Continue reading Lost Mirror Chapter 3- Jawroot

Lost Mirror Chapter 2- Lily

Rel Rel poked Lily’s yarn hair, then quickly ducked out of sight. She waited for the voice. “Come on, change!” She rested her nose on the lip of her desk. “Give me a reason to end both your hearts.” Her eyes shifted from Lily’s button eyes, to the frill of her dress, searching, waiting for … Continue reading Lost Mirror Chapter 2- Lily

Lost Mirror Chapter 1- Rel Rel

Rel Rel hunched over the sheet of paper, chest pressed firmly against the table, head bent, watching every stroke of her pencil. Scribbling against the empty page of her sketch book, she curled a sharp edge for an ear, scribbling dots for eyes, and quick, wavy slashes for hair. It’s almost perfect, she thought, drawing … Continue reading Lost Mirror Chapter 1- Rel Rel