The Guild, Tabletop, and Dollhouse- Review

RECENTLY, I’ve jumped onto the nerd bandwagon a bit late. Again. I was late to the Doctor Who party, and I was also late to Doctor Horrible. I usually find out about these things years later, and it ends up being the greatest thing I have ever seen! Over the past month, Jenn and I … Continue reading The Guild, Tabletop, and Dollhouse- Review

Doctor Horrible- Opinion

JEN AND I WATCHED Dr. Horrible last night. Why have I never watched this movie? It came out in 2008! It is so amazing! I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack of this genius piece of art! The first thing that struck me was the actors. Holy balls, Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris AND Felicia Day? … Continue reading Doctor Horrible- Opinion

Marble Hornets- Opinion

I’VE KNOWN ABOUT the Slender Man for awhile. I had an odd run-in with a dark shadow one night in 2009. At the time, I was a student at the Art Institute of California LA. I was having financial issues and had to live inside my van for a while. I was homeless for about 9 … Continue reading Marble Hornets- Opinion