~About HAND of REL~

Hand of Rel is a fantasy story about a young Spanamalan girl named Relene “Rel Rel” Gallyfray Lychee.

~Hand of Rel: LOST MIRROR~


Rel Rel, a 13-year-old girl with an active imagination, finds a pair of goggles that allow her to see into her own imagination. With the help of her doll, Lily, Rel Rel searches for a mirror that can grant her wish. Any wish.

-Hand of Rel: Lost Mirror Characters-

~Hand of Rel: SOCIAL PANIC~

Rel Rel, a 15-year-old girl with severe social anxiety, deals with daily life and people. Too many people. Every day. It follows her struggle to leave the house, day in, day out, constantly feeling like the world is following her. Always. Like the True Man Show.


Rose, a 14-year-old Muse, and unfortunate daughter of the Ephemeral Hero, is a genius. A hero in her own right. She sets out on a journey to prove the existence of the mysterious “dragon lady” lurking in the woods. Rose saw her, once, but no one believes it. So, she’s determined to prove them all wrong. All of them. And her decision to find this “dragon lady” will change the course of the entire realm, forever.

~Hand of Rel: ONE WISH~

On the eve of her 16th birthday, Rel Rel makes a wish on a mirror. Her doll, Lily, promised that it would grant her wish. Any wish. But Rel Rel is whisked away when she wishes, “to be accepted for who I am.” The mirror and the wish opened a portal to the Muse Realm. Stranded, Relene must venture into the realm of Muses to find a way back home. Or be lost forever.