The Legend #1- Rough Audio

SO IN MY last few Writing Journey posts, I talked about What Hand of Rel is and little bit about the 12 Hands of Creation. WHILE REL REL is in the Muse Realm, she learns about the legend of the 12 Hands of Creation.  This is something I wrote for fun awhile back, and it's … Continue reading The Legend #1- Rough Audio

Writing Journey #9- 12 Hands of Creation?

SO IN MY LAST Writing Journey entry I talked about the story behind Hand of Rel.  While in the Muse Realm, Rel Rel learns a legend that talks about a war between the 12 Hands of Creation and the Puppet Masters. I AM WORKING on a short visual presentation of the legend.  Right now I … Continue reading Writing Journey #9- 12 Hands of Creation?