Animation Update #6: Niko!?

SO UP UNTIL NOW, I’ve been taking the lead with Jen’s original designs. My work has been the finished product, and we’ve been very happy about it!  I’m also designing the characters, backgrounds, and props, for the Animation, as well. I guess I’m the lead, everything, kind of? Considering it’s just the two of us, … Continue reading Animation Update #6: Niko!?

Animation Update #3: New Voices

WE’VE BEEN HOLDING vocal auditions, and they closed on November 30th, 2013!  That was yesterday.  Jen and I have been listening to all the submissions, and there have been some amazing ones!  We thank each and every talented voice actor/actress that tried out for the part of Father and Mother. WE HAVE NARROWED it down, … Continue reading Animation Update #3: New Voices

Animation Update #2: Mother’s Voice?

OKAY, SO THE SOUNDTRACK, voices, and sound effects for the animation are all done!  Mixed and ready to go!  Anna and Heidi’s voices came together brilliantly!!!  Along with the sound effects and music, it’s very magical. EXCEPT… we don’t have a voice for the mother? BEAKERBONES WAS ORIGINALLY set to do the voice.  Sadly, due … Continue reading Animation Update #2: Mother’s Voice?

Our choice of Animation over an Audio Book

WE DECIDED TO OPT OUT of doing an audio book for a few reasons.  Things with our publisher, SynergEbooks, are going pretty slow, right now.  So, we felt that an audio book may not be the way to go.  We figured, if we were going to produce something with music, sound effects, and a fully … Continue reading Our choice of Animation over an Audio Book

Rel Rel Animation Update #1

SO, PREPARATIONS for our animation are under way!  All the voices have been recorded. At the moment, we’re mixing it with music and sound effects!  Everything is coming together nicely.  Soon, rough animation will begin! WE’D LIKE TO GIVE a special thank you shout out to Heidi Tabing and Anna Clarkson for their amazing work … Continue reading Rel Rel Animation Update #1