General Update 3-3-14

Okay, so here’s an update dump for this wonderful Monday! Cosplay Everything is underway! We should start having some images ready to put on the site after next Tuesday! Rossassen is finished with her cosplay of Lily, and we can’t wait to see the photos. Also, Spellsgal has finished Jenn’s Lily Costume, which should reach … Continue reading General Update 3-3-14

Animation Update #5: Audio Mixed!

IT HAS TAKEN AWHILE, but now that all the voices have been recorded, I have put the finishing touches on the audio for the 3 Flash episodes. They’re done. Well, audio wise. We’re using music by Kevin Macleod, and SFX from! It’s all coming together brilliantly! We’re really excited to see how episode 3 … Continue reading Animation Update #5: Audio Mixed!

Our choice of Animation over an Audio Book

WE DECIDED TO OPT OUT of doing an audio book for a few reasons.  Things with our publisher, SynergEbooks, are going pretty slow, right now.  So, we felt that an audio book may not be the way to go.  We figured, if we were going to produce something with music, sound effects, and a fully … Continue reading Our choice of Animation over an Audio Book