Hand of Rel Icon- Daily Doodle

SO FOR THE NEW YEAR of 2019, I wanted to create a brand new icon. I have been rocking the older icon (just a screen grab from the intro to all my Youtube videos) since about 2013? I thought it was time for a brand new upgrade, seeing as how this is the year that … Continue reading Hand of Rel Icon- Daily Doodle

Rad Fanart (OK K.O.)- Daily Doodle

OKAY DUDE I'm going to be honest, I hate how this drawing came out. I figured, while I was drawing Enid, it'd be a cool experiment to see how Rad would look in my style. What could go wrong? I mean, I love how Enid came out! Hot son. But, but this? This is an … Continue reading Rad Fanart (OK K.O.)- Daily Doodle

Enid Fanart (OK K.O.)- Daily Doodle

I HAVE TO ADMIT that I've only seen two episodes of OK K.O.! Let's be Heroes. I will also admit that I'm not really a fan of the show. My daughter was mildly interested in it. The only reason it caught my interest is because Ashly Burch is the voice of Enid. Aside from that, … Continue reading Enid Fanart (OK K.O.)- Daily Doodle

Namie Fanart (Kingdom Hearts 3)- Daily Doodle

NAMINE IS ALSO ONE OF my favorite characters in the Kingdom Hearts series! I know in my last Book Puppet post, I said it was Aqua and Roxas. Which is still true! But Namine is also up there, as well. Maybe Riku, too? Oh, and Xion! I'm not too fond of Sora. He's always so … Continue reading Namie Fanart (Kingdom Hearts 3)- Daily Doodle

Riku Fanart (Kingdom Hearts 3)- Daily Doodle

THIS SKETCH OF RIKU is something that I initially planned to post for Inktober. But I just dropped off the planet for a bit, because I needed to get my head straight. OH BOY, OKAY so I totally dropped the ball on this years Inktober. Truthfully, I just said fug it.  You ever have a … Continue reading Riku Fanart (Kingdom Hearts 3)- Daily Doodle