Canaan- Never Heard of It?- Daily Rant

AS I WAS BROWSING Twitter, I happened upon this gif, posted by Jlist.  The action, the animation, and the kinetic fight choreography caught my eye. I had no idea what this anime was, and even when I learned the title by browsing the comments, I still had no idea what it was. Canaan? It came … Continue reading Canaan- Never Heard of It?- Daily Rant

Inktober Day#4: Spinach- Daily Doodle

OKAY SO HERE ARE Days 4 and 5 for Inktober. I'm a bit behind, but I decided to take a few days to settle my mind and take care of some things. It's time to play catch up. I already have my sketches set aside, they just need to be inked. Anywho, the first of … Continue reading Inktober Day#4: Spinach- Daily Doodle

Inktober Day#2: Rydia- Daily Doodle

HERE IS MY INKTOBER of Rydia, from Final Fantasy IV, for Day 2! It's one of my favorite Final Fantasy games, that I have never played. A story for another time! But yes, I drew this fanart because I am currently playing Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, and it's really addicting! I learned that she's a … Continue reading Inktober Day#2: Rydia- Daily Doodle

Quistis in Opera Omnia?!- Daily Rant

HAVE YOU EVER played Final Fantasy Dissidia Opera Omnia? I enjoyed the first Dissidia game on the PSP, and the newest entry, Dissidia NT, looks really fun.  Which, I may finally be able to play, soon. Thanks to my awesome brother, I may finally own a PS4 by the end of the week! He is generously hooking … Continue reading Quistis in Opera Omnia?!- Daily Rant