Inktober Day#8: The Flame in the Flood- Daily Doodle

ANOTHER WEEK, another attempt at keeping up with Inktober! For Day 8, I decided to clean up a sketch of Rel Rel that I did while playing the video game, The Flame in the Flood. It's a pretty addicting survival game that I picked up on Steam awhile back. I still haven't beaten it, yet! … Continue reading Inktober Day#8: The Flame in the Flood- Daily Doodle

Inktober Day#3: Terra- Daily Doodle

IT'S A BIT LATE but here's Inktober Day 3, which is fanart of Terra from Final Fantasy VI. Just like Rydia, on the previous day, I decided to do some fanart of Terra because I'm playing Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. Terra has a super cool design. Thus, I felt the need to create something.  Yup. … Continue reading Inktober Day#3: Terra- Daily Doodle

Inktober Day#2: Rydia- Daily Doodle

HERE IS MY INKTOBER of Rydia, from Final Fantasy IV, for Day 2! It's one of my favorite Final Fantasy games, that I have never played. A story for another time! But yes, I drew this fanart because I am currently playing Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, and it's really addicting! I learned that she's a … Continue reading Inktober Day#2: Rydia- Daily Doodle