The Legend #1- Rough Audio

SO IN MY last few Writing Journey posts, I talked about What Hand of Rel is and little bit about the 12 Hands of Creation. WHILE REL REL is in the Muse Realm, she learns about the legend of the 12 Hands of Creation.  This is something I wrote for fun awhile back, and it's … Continue reading The Legend #1- Rough Audio

Writing Journey #9- 12 Hands of Creation?

SO IN MY LAST Writing Journey entry I talked about the story behind Hand of Rel.  While in the Muse Realm, Rel Rel learns a legend that talks about a war between the 12 Hands of Creation and the Puppet Masters. I AM WORKING on a short visual presentation of the legend.  Right now I … Continue reading Writing Journey #9- 12 Hands of Creation?

Equestria Girls Friendship Games- A Mirror?

SO, AS OF THE LAST General Update all our animation projects were permanently on hold. This was basically due to J.J.’s limited animation skills. Also, Flash was just giving him a problem. Things would animate when they were/weren’t supposed to, symbols bogged down the program, rendered .swf files would chug, among other problems that just … Continue reading Equestria Girls Friendship Games- A Mirror?

General Update #5- Failed Projects

I WANTED TO WRITE this post to address a lot of the projects that we’ve attempted and have fallen through.  Over the past year or so that this site has been live, Jen and I have been trying to create a bunch of different things, based around our book. Cosplay. Audio Book. Animation. Point and … Continue reading General Update #5- Failed Projects

Fiona Frightening Similarities?

THERE’S A GAME coming out soon, made by Azurous Studios and Alexander Tansely. It looks pretty sweet! It’s an action platformer in the same vein as Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter. I’ve been following this game since its announcement because Heidi Tabing (the Voice Actress that voiced Rel Rel) is the voice of Fiona, … Continue reading Fiona Frightening Similarities?