Hand of Rel Timeline- Writing Journey #18

I'M SETTING UP OUTLINES and preparing to just bust these stories out. Over the last year, especially, I've started writing and gearing up to finish this because I feel like I'm running out of time. And I've taken too much time, to write this. A CREATIVE FRIEND, Adelle Yeung (the voice behind Rel Rel in … Continue reading Hand of Rel Timeline- Writing Journey #18

Lost Mirror Chapter 1- Rel Rel

Rel Rel hunched over the sheet of paper, chest pressed firmly against the table, head bent, watching every stroke of her pencil. Scribbling against the empty page of her sketch book, she curled a sharp edge for an ear, scribbling dots for eyes, and quick, wavy slashes for hair. It’s almost perfect, she thought, drawing … Continue reading Lost Mirror Chapter 1- Rel Rel

Update- Lost Chapters

SO I RECENTLY STARTED writing the final chapters of the first Hand of Rel book.  And as I have been writing, and trying to finish things at last, I realize that I've written chapters and stories that will never be published (traditionally or self). Things that I've cut out or decided not to include in … Continue reading Update- Lost Chapters

Writing Journey #17- Writing the Final Chapters

SO THE OTHER DAY I sat down to write. I've been sitting down, trying to write and finish my book, over the last few months. It was done, and I had written the last word on the early morning December 15th, 2017. That was the day that Sean died. AFTER THAT, I let a few … Continue reading Writing Journey #17- Writing the Final Chapters

Writing Journey #12- Done

Writing Journey 12

ONE OF MY MAJOR GOALS this year was to finish writing the Hand of Rel. A book that I've had in mind for a long time. Over the past few years I've created animations, speed drawings, sketches, and comics based around the idea. They give insight into what the full story will be, hints at … Continue reading Writing Journey #12- Done