Hand of Rel Timeline- Writing Journey #18

I'M SETTING UP OUTLINES and preparing to just bust these stories out. Over the last year, especially, I've started writing and gearing up to finish this because I feel like I'm running out of time. And I've taken too much time, to write this. A CREATIVE FRIEND, Adelle Yeung (the voice behind Rel Rel in … Continue reading Hand of Rel Timeline- Writing Journey #18

The Legend #1- Rough Audio

SO IN MY last few Writing Journey posts, I talked about What Hand of Rel is and little bit about the 12 Hands of Creation. WHILE REL REL is in the Muse Realm, she learns about the legend of the 12 Hands of Creation.  This is something I wrote for fun awhile back, and it's … Continue reading The Legend #1- Rough Audio

Audio Book Update #5: Thank You Heidi Tabing

WITH THE RELEASE of the 1st part of the Audio Book, coming up on August 15th, we’d like to thank the wonderful Voice Talent that made this possible! We originally found Heidi Tabing's name when we were browsing a website, known as Smoke and Mirrors. At the time, we were thinking of submitting our story … Continue reading Audio Book Update #5: Thank You Heidi Tabing

Audio Book Update #4: Starting Friday

SO WITH Piper Petrie’s lines finally in hand, we’re ready to move forward with the Audio Book, at long last! We’ve had a few hiccups, and this taken longer than we originally planned, but it is coming together. A teaser snippet will be up this Friday! The main Audio Book will be broken up into … Continue reading Audio Book Update #4: Starting Friday

Rel Rel Animation Update #1

SO, PREPARATIONS for our animation are under way!  All the voices have been recorded. At the moment, we’re mixing it with music and sound effects!  Everything is coming together nicely.  Soon, rough animation will begin! WE’D LIKE TO GIVE a special thank you shout out to Heidi Tabing and Anna Clarkson for their amazing work … Continue reading Rel Rel Animation Update #1