Inktober Day#11: Kairi Fanart- Daily Doodle

HERE'S DAY 11 OF Inktober. This is some inked Fanart of Kairi, in her Kingdom Hearts 3 clothes. I talked a bit about it on a previous Daily Doodle. I'm hella excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 to come out, early next year! We're so close. HERE'S THE the original sketch: HERE'S INKTOBER Day 11, Kairi … Continue reading Inktober Day#11: Kairi Fanart- Daily Doodle

Kairi Fanart- Daily Doodle

I'm playing through Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, right now. And with the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 on the horizon, AT LAST, I decided to do some fanart of Kairi in her KH3 attire. I'm okay with the new look. It's all right. I'm excited for the new game, but she kinda looks younger than … Continue reading Kairi Fanart- Daily Doodle