Writing Journey #15- Months and Prefixes

SO IN THE MUSE REALM, I wanted Muses to have their own calendar year. Since I want them to be what inspires us (as muses should do) I created the Muse Calendar to run parallel to what we know. Rel Rel's world is, however, a made-up amalgamation of ours, of course. Instead of Earth, she comes from a … Continue reading Writing Journey #15- Months and Prefixes

Writing Journey #14- Accents


SO FAR IN MY WRITING JOURNEY I've talked about the Muses and creating Muse names. Along with their names, I also wanted them to speak with different accents. I freaking love accents! They've always fascinated me. Probably because I don't have one.  I'VE BEEN JUGGLING with the idea for a while, and have sifted through various types of accents to … Continue reading Writing Journey #14- Accents

Writing Journey #13- Muse Names

Hand of Rel Characters Lily

ANOTHER YEAR, another set of goals. If you haven't checked out the latest update, please be sure to give it a look to see what I plan for good ol' 2018 (although that may change because of Youtube's new rule to have 1k subs and 4k hours of watch time, but that's a rant for another time … Continue reading Writing Journey #13- Muse Names