Resolution 2019 Progress- July Update

BACK IN THE BEGINNING OF JANUARY, I wrote out a list of my New Year Resolutions. Things I hoped to focus more on in the coming year. We're 6 months into 2019 so far, so I thought it'd be good to update on how the journey is going. Have I kept up? Have I dropped the ball? … Continue reading Resolution 2019 Progress- July Update

New Years Resolutions for 2019- Life Rant

2018 HAS FINALLY ENDED. How did the year go, for you? How was your New Years? Now that we have begun a brand new year, I would like to dedicate more time to things that I am passionate about and less time on things that are negative or toxic. LIFE IS SHORT. The end grows ever … Continue reading New Years Resolutions for 2019- Life Rant