I Have a PS4!- Daily Rant

I FREAKING LOVE MY BROTHER, Niko! He lovingly, and graciously, hooked me up with a brand new PS4! It is so freaking cool dude, you don't even know. I've been running with a PS3, a Wii, and Steam for the last few years. Which isn't too bad, but I was always missing out on the newer titles. I was seriously jonesing … Continue reading I Have a PS4!- Daily Rant

The Legend #1- Rough Audio

SO IN MY last few Writing Journey posts, I talked about What Hand of Rel is a little bit about the 12 Hands of Creation. WHILE REL REL is in the Muse Realm, she learns about the legend of the 12 Hands of Creation. This is something I wrote for fun awhile back, and it's been sitting on my PC. I … Continue reading The Legend #1- Rough Audio

General Update 5-27-2014

UPDATES HAVE BEEN SCARCE for the past few weeks, but we’re still trekking along. We’re really busy putting things together, and I look forward to being able to reveal all of our hard work! Hopefully, it’ll be soon, because we’re really excited! AN ANIMATION UPDATE is really overdue, so here we go! J.J. decided to redesign Niko’s … Continue reading General Update 5-27-2014

Animation Update #11: Father’s Design

Here’s the new design that Niko did for Father!  This will be his appearance in the animation.  As with Mother, we asked for Father not to show his eyes.  Makes him more distant.  He looks great!  Once again, Niko did an amazing job! Artwork is owned and copyrighted © 2014 by Niko Evangelista. All rights … Continue reading Animation Update #11: Father’s Design

Animation Update #10: Mother’s Design

Here’s the new design that Niko did for Mother! This will be her appearance in the animation. She finally has a face! Sort of? Anyways, the design works really well. We love it!  We asked Niko not to give her eyes, since it makes her seem a bit more distant. Artwork is owned and copyrighted … Continue reading Animation Update #10: Mother’s Design