Animation Update #12: Flash Puppets

SO, THIS IS TAKING a lot longer than I had originally anticipated.  Freaking Flash puppets!  As I’ve stated before, this is a one man operation, and I’m slowly having to teach myself things about Flash that I really never understood.  Good news?  I’m starting to get it! THE HEADER IMAGE for this post is a … Continue reading Animation Update #12: Flash Puppets

Animation Update #8: Rel Rel’s New Design

Here’s the new design that Niko did for Rel Rel!  This will be her appearance in the animation.  It’s amazing!  He minimized the design, and made it less sketchy, and easier to animate.  Let’s see if I can do the artwork justice.  Can’t wait to start animating it! Artwork is owned and copyrighted © 2014 … Continue reading Animation Update #8: Rel Rel’s New Design