Inktober Day#7: Shantae Rel Rel- Daily Doodle

OKAY SO HERE IS Inktober Day 7! This is Rel Rel dressed as Shantae, the main heroin in the Shantae: Half Genie Hero video game, by Wayforward! I bought it on Steam a while ago, and it is really entertaining! I love the adorable characters, the designs, the vibrant colors, and the quirky little animations … Continue reading Inktober Day#7: Shantae Rel Rel- Daily Doodle

Animation Update #12: Flash Puppets

SO, THIS IS TAKING a lot longer than I had originally anticipated.  Freaking Flash puppets!  As I’ve stated before, this is a one man operation, and I’m slowly having to teach myself things about Flash that I really never understood.  Good news?  I’m starting to get it! THE HEADER IMAGE for this post is a … Continue reading Animation Update #12: Flash Puppets