Cosplay Update #6: Thank you Rossassen!

All of the photos came out great, and we could not be happier with the results!  Rossassen took our concept of Lily, and brought every last detail to life.  We love everything about it!  She did a wonderful job! We’ve been slow to update the Cosplay gallery with Rossassen’s Lily cosplay, since there’s a lot … Continue reading Cosplay Update #6: Thank you Rossassen!

General Update 3-3-14

Okay, so here’s an update dump for this wonderful Monday! Cosplay Everything is underway! We should start having some images ready to put on the site after next Tuesday! Rossassen is finished with her cosplay of Lily, and we can’t wait to see the photos. Also, Spellsgal has finished Jenn’s Lily Costume, which should reach … Continue reading General Update 3-3-14

Cosplay Update #4: Rossassen 2

Rossassen has finished her Lily cosplay, and it looks amazing!  We’re very impressed with how it turned out!  She will have photos of the costume soon, so look forward to that. Please be sure to check for more info on her process!  She has a whole wealth of helpful tutorials there.  Also, be sure … Continue reading Cosplay Update #4: Rossassen 2

Cosplay Update #2: Cosplayers

SO, WE HAVE 3 amazing cosplayers commissioned! Our first cosplayer is Spellsgal, on Deviantart. We will be working with her, to create the Lily Costume in question. We’re so excited! Can’t wait to see the costume finally come together. OUR NEXT COSPLAYER is a wonderful cosplayer, known as Rossassen, also on Deviantart. Soon, we will … Continue reading Cosplay Update #2: Cosplayers