Fiona Frightening Similarities?

THERE’S A GAME coming out soon, made by Azurous Studios and Alexander Tansely. It looks pretty sweet! It’s an action platformer in the same vein as Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter. I’ve been following this game since its announcement because Heidi Tabing (the Voice Actress that voiced Rel Rel) is the voice of Fiona, … Continue reading Fiona Frightening Similarities?

Lilly Developer’s Reply

SO, WHEN I FOUND OUT about Lilly, I had one of those, “Oh crap” moments, “Are we going to have to scrap our idea?”   Thus, I decided to write to the developers, on their website.  I wanted to let them know that our work on Rel Rel was released, so when Lilly was finally … Continue reading Lilly Developer’s Reply

Lilly Looking Through: Similar to our Book?

SO YESTERDAY, I was browsing Steam, to see if I could find a new game to write an article about.  I decided to check out the greenlit games, to see if I could possibly get a jump on a game before it’s release.  And I happened upon a game called Lilly Looking Through.  What first … Continue reading Lilly Looking Through: Similar to our Book?