Doctor Who: How I Became a Whovian SO, WHEN I WATCH SOMETHING really good, it inspires me to write and to draw. One such show that sparked the hell out of my imagination is Doctor Who. A Bit of HISTORY... DOCTOR WHO DATES BACK to 1963, when the 1st Doctor, played by William Hartnell, crashed his TARDIS – that’s an acronym … Continue reading Doctor Who: How I Became a Whovian

Once Upon a Time Season 1

WHEN I FIRST HEARD about Once Upon a Time, I wasn’t too fond of the idea. Fairy tale characters in the real world? Lame. I saw the trailer in theaters, before the show began to air, of the Evil Queen crashing Prince Charming and Snow White’s wedding. The green screen effects were obvious, I didn’t … Continue reading Once Upon a Time Season 1

The Guild, Tabletop, & Dollhouse

RECENTLY, I’ve jumped onto the nerd bandwagon a bit late. Again. I was late to the Doctor Who party, and I was also late to Doctor Horrible. I usually find out about these things years later, and it ends up being the greatest thing I have ever seen! Over the past month, Jenn and I … Continue reading The Guild, Tabletop, & Dollhouse