Contrast: Interestingly Imperfect- Review

ONCE IN AWHILE a game with a truly unique mechanic comes out of nowhere, and both intrigues and inspires me with its imagination. A world of shadows, where the player can leap from 3D into a 2D plane, is what Contrast promises. I wasn't sure what to expect when I first started playing. Would it … Continue reading Contrast: Interestingly Imperfect- Review

Skyrim: I Had High Hopes -Opinion

I HAD REALLY HIGH expectations for Skyrim.  I believed that it was one of those games that totally leaves you empty and sad once the final boss dies, and the credits roll and you’re left to ponder the experience. You know, the End Game Feeling? Maybe that’s why the game never satisfied my gaming itch. … Continue reading Skyrim: I Had High Hopes -Opinion

Dear Esther: An Enchanting Narrative- Review

I HAD HEARD about Dear Esther online, seen some images, but never really knew what it was. I happened to find it during a Steam sale, so I snagged it and decided to give it a try. I wasn't sure what type of game I was getting into. ABOUT THE GAME DEAR ESTHER IS A … Continue reading Dear Esther: An Enchanting Narrative- Review

Life is Strange- Review

THERE ARE VERY FEW games that I truly get emotional about. I love games, and find the greatest enjoyment adventuring through the imaginative realms. But every so often, a game comes along that truly rips at my heart strings and makes an impact on my emotional state in a way that no other one could. … Continue reading Life is Strange- Review