Writing Journey #11- Finishing Hand of Rel

SO I'VE HAD THIS idea for the Hand of Rel for a long time.  I've been writing and rewriting a book based on her adventures since I was 13.  I self published a 500 page book at 21, and wrote 2 other books (each over 500 pages long) and finished out the trilogy.  It was … Continue reading Writing Journey #11- Finishing Hand of Rel

Writing Journey #10- Youtube Plans

MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL has been in flux since I first created it.  Even now I'm not sure what to do?  It was originally a hub for my animation.  Then I started Speed Drawings.  Then I started Drawing Talks.  Then I started writing and have since kind of abandoned it altogether.  I've also thought of vlogging … Continue reading Writing Journey #10- Youtube Plans

Writing Journey #9- 12 Hands of Creation?

SO IN MY LAST Writing Journey entry I talked about the story behind Hand of Rel.  While in the Muse Realm, Rel Rel learns a legend that talks about a war between the 12 Hands of Creation and the Puppet Masters. I AM WORKING on a short visual presentation of the legend.  Right now I … Continue reading Writing Journey #9- 12 Hands of Creation?

Writing Journey #7- Joining Frederator

SO AT THE END of 2015, in September, I ended up joining the Channel Frederator Network.  It's a Youtube Network with a lot of artists, animators, voice actors, among other Youtubers devoted to something in the realm of animation. I STARTED OFF 2015 creating my Writing Journey posts.  It was a start to writing my … Continue reading Writing Journey #7- Joining Frederator