Writing Journey #7- Joining Frederator

SO AT THE END of 2015, in September, I ended up joining the Channel Frederator Network.  It's a Youtube Network with a lot of artists, animators, voice actors, among other Youtubers devoted to something in the realm of animation. I STARTED OFF 2015 creating my Writing Journey posts.  It was a start to writing my … Continue reading Writing Journey #7- Joining Frederator

Writing Journey #5- Less Time Online

I RECENTLY decided that I was going to spend less time online. As of late, I started to notice that much of my time was spent mindlessly browsing Facebook, twittering and retweeting, scrolling through Tumblr, browsing DeviantArt, and just generally being stuck in a loop on the interwebs. Every site is made specifically to steal … Continue reading Writing Journey #5- Less Time Online

Writing Journey #3- Character Languages

I’M FASCINATED by languages. And accents. Australian. Spanish. French. Irish. Scottish! British especially. I mean, Doctor Who, am I right? Probably because I don’t speak any other language? I know English. I should know Tagalog but my parents never taught me. Which is totally okay, I guess it gives me more respect for the different … Continue reading Writing Journey #3- Character Languages